Slide DMS134 (Primate; ileum; PTS). This is an excellent plastic embedded thin section of this bowel segment. The increased number of goblet cells in the linining epithelium, the changed appearance of villi, as well as the increasing amounts of gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) are shown well. Look for lymph nodules , some with germinal centers, in the submucosa. Large aggregates of nodules are known as Peyer's patches and in some places they may become so abundant that they "iron out the wrinkles" in the mucosa and become grossly visible. Note that the intestinal glands are shallower than in the jejunum. Examine the well-stained Paneth cells in the bases of the glands. Although present along the length of the small intestine and the ascending portion of the colon, they are most dramatically visualized in this slide.