FUNDIC STOMACH - slide 122 (cat)

Find an area of mucosa where you can see the whole length of the long, straight, tubular gastric glands.  Note that the simple columnar mucin-secreting cells of the stomach surface continue down into the open pits (or foveolae) of the glands for just a short distance.

Where are the connective tissue fibers and cells of the lamina propria?  Where is the muscularis mucosae in relation to the glands?  Look for strands of smooth muscle passing up into the lamina propria, between the glands

Notice that the submucosa extends up into the temporary folds (or rugae) which protrude into the lumen of the stomach. Many blood vessels run in the submucosa.

In what direction do the muscle fibers of the muscularis externa run? Is the outermost layer an adventitia or serosa?

A diagnostic feature to remember: the stomach epithelium contains no goblet cells; that of the intestine does.